Getting closer

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It snowed yesterday, just to remind us that winter isn’t really over yet. And while it still is white out and a bit cold, I feel that spring is just around the corner.  I love this time of year. It’s absolutely magical. You can actually feel and see the world coming alive again. In the forest you can hear the snow melting and trickling down from trees and rocks. The birds are out chirping, announcing that it’s almost time. Time for green plants, warm days and lots of time outside. And just to prove that spring is close, we ate our first meal outside!

First meal outside!

Of course there were wool blankets and sweaters galore, but the sun was wonderful and we were warm.
It’s also the equinox tomorrow, meaning that day and night are equally long (almost) and from here on out we’ll be getting longer and longer days. Another sign that we’re getting closer to spring. To celebrate, I splurged on small, yellow flowers.

Small spring flowers

A little bit of happiness on my kitchen table.

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