Finding inspiration

Posted on February 25, 2011 by


It’s still cold here in Sweden and I’ve been feeling tired and completely uninspired. Since it’s too early to enjoy (or even dream of) the sun, warmth and flowers of spring, I’ve been looking for new sources of happiness to wake me up out of my funk. Here’s a few things that have been brightening up my day:

1. Delicious, but simple food. Pancakes with strawberry jam and whip cream on a lazy sunday morning.
Swedish pancakes with strawberry jam and whip cream

2. A new spinning wheel. I’ve been dreaming of this for years, and when I got a raise last week, I decided to splurge. It’s a Kromski Symphony and Johannes is helping me put it all together. I’m so looking forward to spinning on it!

I splurged... now Johannes has to build it!

3. Good books. The ones pictured and an old favorite written by Barbara Kingsolver (I am dreaming of spring after all). Anna sent me the link for this book too (it looks fabulous!) so I can dream about future reads.

Books to enjoy on the beach

4. Packing! We’re heading to Mexico on Monday. I’m packing lots of Swedish wool, perfect for making thin sweaters that I can wear once it’s warmer.

I dream of thin sweaters for spring and summer...

Vacation knitting